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Recruitment à la carte

Hiring the Right People

One of the biggest concerns that businesses face is finding and hiring the right people in an increasingly competitive market.

As an HR consulting business that offers a recruiting service we utilize both recruiters and HR consultants in the recruiting process. Having access to HR professionals who have actually hired the same roles in their former corporate careers is what sets us apart.  Our team of experienced HR professionals can help by using our deep networking, vast experience and creativity to find you the best possible candidates in the most effective and timely manner. Not only that, but we also save our clients between 40% to 60% in recruitment fees by offering a menu of services from which you can select versus an agency fee* making us a cost effective alternative to recruiting agencies.

We offer full recruitment services or à la carte options to outsource any or all steps of the recruitment process.

Below are the steps of our proven à la carte recruitment process.

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Your Business Is Unique. So Are Your Recruiting Needs.

Choose from our menu of Recruitment Solutions to design a recruiting package that perfectly fits your needs and budget.

Applicant Shortlisting:

  • Profile Job; Write Ad; Post Widely on Major Job Boards; Resume Screening and Shortlisting; Candidate Tracking Report
  • Optional LinkedIn posting

Direct Sourcing:

  • Targeted Name Generation of Passive Qualified Candidates from Job Boards
  • Contact Passive Candidates for Role Interest; Brief Phone Screen; Shortlisting;
  • Candidate Tracking Report

Candidate Interview:

  • Interview Questions Design; Initial Phone Screen; In-depth Phone Interviews;
  • Candidate Scoring & Assessments; Behavioural Interview Probing
  • Questions Guide; Manage Candidate Communication

Professional Reference Background Check:

  • Professional Background Check
  • Education & Criminal Background Check
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  • In-depth In Person Interview
  • Personality Fit Test
  • Salary Report
  • Offer Process & Coordination
  • Managing Client Career Website
  • Behavioural Interview Training for Managers
  • Full or Partial Outsourced Recruitment


*Based on a 20% contingency fee

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