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7 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Ways of Recognizing Employees

August 22, 2012, by Stephanie Messier | Work Environment and Policies

We often believe that we need to focus on the big things to retain and energize our employees.  Often it is the small actions and little gestures that have the greatest impact on our team.

Here are 7 ideas on recognizing employees without breaking the bank:

1. Allow an employee the use of the parking spot nearest your building (normally reserved for the top executive) for a week to recognize a job well done.  This small act of kindness will go a long way, particularly in the winter!

2. Send thanks home!  Recognize the families of employees.  If you have an employee who had to work late for a period of time, most likely there are sacrifices made at home.  Sending the family out for dinner or sending the spouse flowers are both powerful gestures that will be forever remembered.

3. Feature an achievement by one of your employees in your company’s newsletter or an update email.  They are ideal places to recognize outstanding employees.

4. A hand-written thank-you note, or a few words of praise in front of an employee’s colleagues at staff meetings can mean the world to employees.  A simple memory of that recognition might push an employee’s performance even higher.

5. Consider rewarding a great employee by taking her along on your next meeting with senior management.  Tell the team about the projects the employee is working on and her contributions to the team.  Or, depending upon skill and ability, have the employee present their project themselves to the senior team.  Voila, professional development and recognition in one fell swoop.

6. On a hot summer day, deliver ice cream to your team.  Take the delivery time as an opportunity to learn what your people are working on and to say thanks for all their contributions.

7. Remember your employees’ birthdays by bringing them a card, bringing them a cup of coffee in the morning, taking the person to lunch, etc.  Letting your people know you care about them is a great way to foster greater teamwork and loyalty.

The little things really do matter most!  Start recognizing employees today!



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