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Corporate Recruiter or Agency

March 21, 2016, by Tam Campbell Trant | Recruitment

When HR à la carte was founded we didn’t anticipate the demand for recruiting as a service.  Once our clients got to know us from an HR consulting perspective, the next question often became: can you help us with our recruiting?  As we’ve grown and expanded, we’ve continued to provide exceptional recruiting service to our clients because we know them well and we are focused on their needs.  As a result, we often get asked by potential clients if we are a search firm or agency.  The short answer is no.  The chart below highlights the differences between the services (and resulting cost savings) that HR à la carte provides versus what you can expect from a typical search firm.

As an HR consulting firm that offers a recruiting service, we utilize both recruiters and HR consultants in the recruiting process. Working à la carte, within our client’s needs and budget, and having access to HR professionals who have hired the same roles in their former corporate careers, is what sets us apart.  

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