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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips for Your Job Posting

May 09, 2023, by Tam Campbell Trant | Recruitment

We know that job postings perform better when they’re popular -- when they are getting a high number of clicks. So how exactly do you get those clicks? Below are our top 4 SEO tips to make job postings more attractive to job seekers!

  1. Keep the job posting to around 300 words. Less than that, and you don’t have enough info. More than that, and job seekers lose interest.
  2. Avoid “spam” job titles: make sure your job title doesn’t include any mention to being hybrid, remote or fully onsite. It could get flagged by job boards as being a spam or bogus job, and won’t get the visibility you need. Instead, highlight the hybrid, remote or fully onsite nature of work in the job ad itself.
  3. Include the benefit information (i.e., the "what's in it for me" statement) nearer the top of the job posting to attract job seekers right off the bat.
  4. Add the job title more frequently within the job posting. For example, put “Skills and Qualifications of the {insert name of position}” rather than just having “Skills and Qualifications”.

Now that you’ve made your job posting more attractive and it’s receiving a lot more clicks, you may start to notice an uptick in applications from outside of your geographical area, i.e., outside of Canada or the city / town you’re targetting. Online postings are visible to everyone, everywhere. Assuming you can’t relocate applicants, you can deter such applications by doing the following:

1.  Add a statement to the bottom of each job posting such as “Please note: we are only accepting applications from those authorized to work in Canada and we are not currently sponsoring any work visas”.

2.  Add these two important questions as required responses to which all candidates must answer in the application process:

    • Are you legally allowed to work in Canada?
    • The office is located at {input address}. Can you commute reliably to this location?

    If the position is hybrid, specify the number of days at home and the number of days in office, again asking if they can reliably commute to work on those days.

    The above questions will help to ensure applicants are not only legally allowed to work in Canada, but also physically located within a reasonable commuting distance. This will reduce the number of ineligible applications you need to wade through thus shortening your recruitment process!

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