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Employee Recognition in 60 Seconds or Less

January 13, 2013, by Stephanie Messier | Work Environment and Policies

Less than sixty seconds.  That’s all it takes to make someone’s day, using on-the-spot recognition and further motivating your employee to continue the great work for your organization.  The next time you notice an employee doing something great, immediately follow these four simple steps:

1.  Tell them exactly what they did that was great:  “Michelle, I noticed that you helped Josie with all her filing today as she is overwhelmed with the additional workload since Dave left”.  

2.  Tell them what value or goal they met: “That shows great teamwork and initiative”.  

3.  Explain the impact on your company: “You helped us get organized so we can quickly access our clients’ files when we need them and therefore can respond to their inquiries faster.”  

  1. Express appreciation:  “Thank you so much for the extra help.”

Michelle will go home that night, tell her spouse and friends about her day, and from her story, create an impression of a great work environment.  Her network could include potential future customers.  This recognition moment in 60 seconds or less could end up being very profitable for you!  For further ideas on recognizing and rewarding your employees check out these other articles:

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